Making electric Roller Bender – DIY Roller Bender


Making electric Roller Bender – DIY Roller Bender

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Hello  friends, welcome to Meanwhile in the Garage

I have very ambitious plans for my future projects, to implement these plans I really needed a Roller Bender, Bender for a small radius and pipes I already did in one of my last videos.

But for my projects I need a Roller Bender with the help of which I can bend big details, and so I decided to do it, but I doubted whether I should make a video like I do it, because there are so many videos on the Internet about this topic.

My friends convinced me to make a video, and I got down to business.

Of course, I didn’t come up with a bicycle again, but still I have a lot of my personal improvements and I’m sure that many will like this approach.

It took me a lot of time to develop this Roller Bender, but I’m sure it was worth it.

Since the radius is large, I decided to make this tube bender electric.

And for security, I also attached switches whose function you will understand in the course of watching this video.

I am very interested in listening to your opinion, in many respects your comments inspire me to make more and more videos.


Friends, English is not my native language and I get a lot of comments about the name of my videos.

Many people complain about the fact that I often use the word “Homemade” in my videos, but in fact it is, I have my garage in the basement, I wake up in the morning, drink coffee and go down to the basement.

And at lunchtime, my wife screams to me, go eat the atoms you are generally stuck in your garage.

With each new video, my list of machines with which I can do a lot is replenished.

Of course, many people call my mini garage a factory, a metal fabrication.

I hope that this is how it will be in the future, but so far all that is being done in this garage is home-made


Special thanks to the company: GRAFF Black who sent me Diamond blade for metal  for the test.

Friends, do not forget that I read and respond to almost every comment as far as possible,

Write, share the video and of course subscribe to the channel.

Yours faithfully

Meanwhile in the garage

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