Homemade Roller Bender – Make A Metal Bender


Homemade Roller Bender – Make A Metal Bender

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Hello everyone,
I have a long time in my mind a plan of this Metal Bender.
For my future project, I need something that can bend tubes, that’s why I have given progress to video making this Homemade Roller Bender.
To make this Metal Bender I used the following material:
Flywheel, starter gear, and little imagination.
When I saw the prices of the new flywheel, I immediately changed my mind to buy it. I went straight to a good friend of mine who runs a garage in Ronse,
he gave me a flywheel and a broken starter with which I could realize my project.
I have to admit, once I made this bender I bent a lot of tubes, just for fun).
My next project is to make pipe bender (tubing bender), let’s see how good it will be.
Like all my previous projects you will see this bender a lot in my next videos.

Of course, I will be very happy to read your comments and listen to your opinion, Guys when I read your positive feedback I want to make more Diy tools videos and I get more inspiration to make Do it your self videos, so tell me your opinion
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respectfully MWIG.

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