Powerful Mini Cannon – Make a mini Cannon

Powerful mini Cannon – Make a mini Cannon – MWIG – Diy Miniature Cannon at Workshop with many tools that not everyone has.   Dear friends, Welcome to Meanwhile in the Garage. This video is for Educational and Demonstration purposes only! Since childhood, I had an idea to make a miniature cannon, although so much time has passed, I still had this idea. So I decided to make a miniature Cannon. It can shoot by the way. In order to make such a Cannon, you will need a whole workshop, a lathe, a milling machine, several weeks of effort. But if you are too lazy to do all this, but the Cannon interested you, then you have a unique opportunity to buy this particular Cannon. And by the way, you can then brag to family and friends by showing them this video. Having bought a Cannon from me, you not only get the only copy in the world of a unique Cannon from MWIG, but also support my channel so that I can continue to make videos for us. The lucky one who wins the auction organized by me will receive this Cannon in the mail. If you have any crazy ideas or suggestions, please write them down    


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