How To Make A Bench Vise – DIY Metal Bench Vice

How To Make A Bench Vise – DIY Metal Bench Vise Friends, Welcome to Meanwhile in the Garage, As you know, everything I do in the videos I use in my garage. The bench vise must be large, high-quality, and comfortable. I had an idea for a long time to make large-sized bench vise, when I had to work with large details, it was necessary to use two vises, which is very inconvenient. So I decided to make my own bench vise with a large girth so that it would be possible to work with large and not only things. I am very pleased when one of my long-standing ideas becomes a reality. Next, I plan to make a mobile table on which I will attach these bench vise, so it will be very convenient for me to fix large and heavy things in order to make welding or grind something. In any case, I do not think that this vise will remain without work. By the way, in my last videos I often used the word homemade, I said this because the garage is in my house and I do things as if at home, but it turns out that many people did not like the fact that I had a Lathe and a milling machine. Once I myself really wanted to have the right materials and tools at hand, I also came to this not in one day. Enjoy watching friends. I read almost all the comments and try to answer all your questions. Greetings from the Garage  

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